2019 - Halfway House

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This year has been incredibly busy for me so far. Hence the neglect of my website.

The begging of the year saw me at my local venue 'Real Time Live' a few times, as well as the ESS warehouse building a line system. It was a steady January, but I needed the time off work after last year.


I've purchased some more BSS compressors and gates for my analogue Front Of House Package. Which caused me to do some soldering of my own on my insert loom. Small job and theraputic to do.


From the end of February till mid June I was out touring with Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac. That was a long tour. 65 Dates in the UK. Ess booked me for the role of Monitor engineer on that tour and we got to use their lovely new Kara system for FOH. It was a busy tour for me and a long time to be away from home, but the band and crew as ever where lovely which made it all the more easier. 


Since getting back from the tour, ive spent time looking into building my mix suit. I've had to do plenty of research to see what i cn do in the limited space i have. Its exciting though. Should give me plenty to do over the winter!


As well as this, ive continued working with my local colleagues, with XAS, Beefstock and some further afield shows for ESS. Not to mention being back at Real Time Live. 


Festival season really starts for me in the next few days, with Indie Tracks for XAS. I've done a few smaller festivals so far but not had much involvment really, just crewing or dry hires and unfortunately I had to miss Bearded Theory this year due to being on tour. Gutted, but my analogue FOH package went out on that at least.


After festival season, touring recommences at the end of the year till the end of November. And thats my year done again. It looks like im headed over to the states. Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are sure keeping me busy...

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