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  1. 2017 in Review

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    What a Year!

    It's been a busy one. I've found myself doing more location recording and mixing projects recently, which has been fun. I've also made new friends and colleagues working for E.S.S. - A great team of people, both friendly and easy to work with. I had the pleasure of working with them as a Patch Tech on the UB40 tour, and at Rebellion Festival in Backpool. Long days, but good work.

    The usual shows and festivals for regular clients also continue to improve year on year, from Bearded Theory to Indie Tracks. The bands and production continue to grow from strength to strength, and I had the opportunity to test out my new board processing at Bearded Theory. That was a lot of fun!

    In summary, I am keeping busy, meeting new people and enjoying the work I do. Here's to another new year and to more doors opening in the future!

  2. Other Interests

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    Whilst at University, I developed a keen interest in Analogue Reverb Units. I built two of these as projects during my time there - a compact Plate Reverb, and a Tube Reverb Unit, both of my own design. Through these projects I learnt a lot about Reverb and room acoustics. I still have a keen interest in analogue reverb today, and I hope to employ these units—or variations of them—in my 'Mix Suite' once it's completed.

    I also have a love for vintage microphones and other equipment such as effects processors and tape machines. I've done various test recordings using old microphones and recording straight to tape. It's a less technical method, but is much more organic, and this shifts the focus back to the performance of the recorded material and away from the technology that I feel sometimes limits us as engineers. 

    My personal collection of vintage audio equipment includes a range of microphones from the 1920s to the 1970s, of which I have varying types such as ribbon, moving coil, crystal, and other dynamic mics. These are very characterful and unique, and I still employ them in my recordings today. The ribbon microphones have been present on many location and concert recordings in recent years. They continue to impress me. 

    My future investments will be in vintage pre-amps and processing to help me achieve the distinctive vintage tone that I find so characterful and pleasing.


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