January 2018 in Summary

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January of this year has certainly been busy. Not so much because of gigging, but because ive been re-branding my business and building my Location Recording Rack.

Gig wise I've worked in my local venues and regular haunts. Its been fun to work close to home again. As well as working with some lovely acts.

All my flight cases now have the A.S.E branding and my presence on the internet has been refined. Now this is my business hub that networks to my social media presence, all with the updated branding.

As for the Recording Rack, its the most exciting part about this year so far. I haven't undertaken a project such as this before. I've racked up plenty of gear, but 've never built a patch system and planned all the wiring and signal flow in such detail. Plus im really testing my soldering skills and attention to detail. I'm spending a lot of time on this project, its become a labour of love. Progress is slow, but I can't give it  my full attention as im still gigging. 

The progress so far is, The units are racked and powered plus the internal wiring is nearly complete. However, theres still the patch panel to wire, the passive split to wire, the output stage to wire and the out put loom to wire. This is also my first dive into multi pin connections. 

To keep up with my progress ,keep and eye on my instagram or other social media, where I update the world of my progress on a weekly basis...

Looking forward to the rest of you the year, the diary is filling up nicely. Festivals already booked for the summer, March is looking busy, a possible tour in the pipeline for April/May and in February I'll be continuing with the local shows and building the Recording Rack.


Stay tuned. Once the recording rack is built, I'll writing blogs and providing audio clips of my vintage audio equipment. 

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