Summer 17

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I've had a very busy summer this year with some exciting opportunities that have come my way!

Its been great to work on some high profile shows on the UB40 tour with ESS, and getting to know their family. I could not have asked to work with a better bunch of people. They were long days, but we were well looked after. Not only that but Indie Tracks was great this year too, where I worked for XAS LTD. It may have been a busy couple of weeks, but monitor engineering the main stage at Indie Tracks is a pleasure, as the bands are so polite and well behaved. The relaxed atmosphere also makes it a joy to work! The only down side was having to dig the multicore out of the ground!

The usual small festivals have been great this year. We've always been blessed with the weather and had a good turn out at the shows. It seems all the audience members and bands are always very pleased, which is great news. 

There was, however, an issue at one particular festival where the power provided wasn't suitable. We always ask for separate power wherever possible, but the bar was running on the same supply, so when the chillers kicked in, the power tripped! Nevertheless, we managed to overcome the problem and it didn't effect the day on a large scale, there was only minimal disruption to the day's proceedings.

All in all its been a good season! A very busy season perhaps, but I cant complain.

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