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This month has certainly been an interesting one. I've mainly been out on the road working for ESS. But still found time to work at the local venue, RTL in Chesterfield as well as XAS. Plus I've made some exciting new purchases.

This month started with a small install at a school in Ashbourne for Beefstock PA hire. A few microphones and line system for a school production with orchestral and choral accompaniment. 

After that I had the pleasure of going out on the road for ESS providing two consoles and a line system for 10CC. I was the System tech on the gig as well as a driver. I must say it was a great experience driving across Europe and Holland. As well as working with such a lovely group of people. The 10CC Touring company are great. Relaxed, laid back and very capable people. A pleasure to work with. 

Then, I had the pleasure of going to Wales. This again was for ESS. The job was a short run of shows with for Max Boyce. I was monitor engineer on the show as well as driver. Again the touring company are lovely people and so is Max. Easy to work for, chilled out, down to earth and look after their colleagues. Couldn't ask for much more really. 

The last job of the month was a VFM scooter rally in Whitby for XAS. Easy show, the weather wasn't kind to us though, so we didn't get chance to see much of the town. But it didnt effect the shows. Everyone was pleased and it was a job well done. Me and matt shared Front Of House duties. It was refreshing to get back behind a console again and be creative.

On top of these shows ive also made a few purchases this month. New looms for my Front of House package. A new Peli case and some more Vintage Ribbon mics. Which I havent been able to test yet, but im looking forward to using them.

Im really looking forward to next month however. I'm heading out on tour with 'Rumours of Fleetwood Mac for ESS. Although I am joining them half way through the tour, which presents its own challengers especially for a monitor engineer. But with the rite preporation it should be a smooth transition and a good gig to be a part of. Looking forward to being out on the road again. Keep posted.

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