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2018 Has been a fantastic year for me. Busy and full of fantastic events and clients.

The highlights of this year for me include;

Touring along side 10cc and their fantastic crew in Holland. Lovely people and great to work with. Driving across Europe and through the landscape of Holland was a fantastic start to the year. 

I was lucky enough to cover a short leg of the Max Boyce tour in Wales. Great scenic country to drive through, gigging at some lovely little theatres. It was a pleasure working with Dave Baker. A new-found colleague of mine now. Great Engineer 

Touring with Rumours of Fleetwood Mac for the second half of their UK tour. Joining a settled tour halfway through is always a bit of a tense moment. But the band and crew made me feel more than welcome. I have to mention how great the previous monitor tech 'Chris Butterworth' was with his hand over. Absolutely Idiot proof! Plenty of notes and very simple too.

Festival season commenced with Bearded Theory festival. I was working the Woodland stage as earlier years with my Front of House package, running through Beefstock PA hire's JBL Rig. Always Sounds great. It's a pleasure to mix through. 

July was a crazy month. Back to back festivals among other shows. Very hard work, very little sleep. But worth the hard graft in end. From Bananallama straight to Indie tracks, on to Rebellion. The Empress Ball room... It looks lovely, but its a cave. Not necessarily suited to housing a punk festival. But the punters go home pleased, that's what its all about.

After Rebellion I had about a week off before heading to Reading festival. My first experience of Reading. From what I saw it seems great. Although I only saw the back stage area while micing up various drum kits and guitar cabs. Non stop. I was glad to be leaving that site. It was a great gig, with a lovely group of people. But it also marked the end of my festival season. I have to admit I was releaved to get home. 

The year has been capped off for me with the Live On Mars tour although a little speradic and short-legged, it was still a pleasure to be involved with. Always well looked after and great people. The hope is this show ill grow over the next few years like Rumours. Watch this space.

Amongst these large festivals and productions. I must also be grateful to the smaller clients I have worked with this year. From Beefstock gigs at The Venue and other smaller venues, to my local venue ' Real Time Live' and the local Dance School 'Jowett School of Dance'. Nt forgetting the cooperate shows I work on with 'The Vernon Sisters'. All these smaller business's are fantastic to work for and I'm pleased to accommodate them when I can. 

A few thankyou's are definitely in order here.

First of all, thanks to ESS. They have provided me with a lot of work this year. Tours, festivals and warehouse maintenance. Ever grateful to be involved with these guys. A great team.

Thanks to Matt at XAS. He throws a lot of work and hours my way. But the important thing is all the coffee and cake we consume on his shows. Always makes the days seem more bareable! Thanks Matt!

Thank you to the bands and crew members I have been lucky enough to tour with this year. everyone's been fantastic. Down to earth and welcoming. Touring is so much easier when you are working with team players with positive attitudes.

Thanks to my local colleagues. Beefstock, Real Time, The Vernon Sisters and Jowett. I appreciate all the bookings you guys make. Its a pleasure to have the time to stay involved with you.


Finally, thank you to all the Gig Goers. The audiences. The punters and what ever else you may go by. Its you supporting shows, gigs and bands that allows the entertainment industry to exist.

Thanks everyone for being a part of my 2018. 

Here's to an already busy looking 2019.


Hard at work at the Milkweg with 10cc

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