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  1. Vintage Mics


    I'm proud to own a large collection of various vintage microphones, spanning from the 1920s to the 1970s.

    These are a guilty pleasure of mine. They all work, I love their character, and they can still be used on recordings today. I often use the Reslo ribbon microphones on my location recording projects, as they have a very full bodied tone to them, and they are very good for choral and classical recordings. They do however still have their place near a drum kit, a vocal or a bass amp too.

    I'm planning on blogging about each microphone in turn on my site, in order to share all the information I can on them, as I know myself that it can be hard to find information about these mics on the internet. 

    More to come in time!

  2. This past week I agreed and signed off the final masters of the 'Vocal Expressions Women's Choir' winter CD. Rob and Lloyd, the Choir Master and Pianist, appear to be really pleased with the finished article. It's been a project that has taken me some time to complete due to having a very busy summer, but I'm happy to have concluded this project for them.

    It's been fantastic to get into the studio and mix the audio on all of my analogue gear, which allowed me to get creative with some aspects of the mix. It sounds very natural, but with a hint of character. I was lucky enough to use my own ribbon mics on the recording sessions and really analyse what they can bring to the mixing stage. Used in conjunction with modern day condensers, you can really capture the weight of the choir, as well as the sense of the space they are in.

    During this project I upgraded my recording equipment. This presented a couple of complications, but after some time spent problem solving, I managed to rectify all issues without delaying the project!

    All in all, the client is pleased, and that is the most important part of the job. Going forward I will take on board the great deal that I have learnt from the experience and apply it to future projects. You can find two of the tracks from the CD on my sound cloud, linked below.

    Please bear in mind the quality of the speakers you are listening through!


    Credit Information.

    Over the Land is April  - Words Robert Louis Stevenson; Music Robert Webb, Edited by Lloyd Buck


    The Snow - Edward Elgar


    Performed by Vocal Expressions Ladies Choir, Holmbridge

    Musical Director Robert Webb

    Accompanist Lloyd Buck